Terms and Conditions App

Terms and Conditions App


Terms and Conditions App

General Terms and Conditions of Use of the App 

These General Terms and Conditions govern the use of the App called Headu App, using a mobile application (hereinafter, "Service" or "APP"), owned by the company Headu s.r.l., with registered office in Mosciano S.A. in Viale Europa no. 23 Tax code/VAT number 01973770678, e-mail address: info@headu.com

The use of the App is subject to the acknowledgement and acceptance of the relevant Privacy Policy.

2. Application features 

The App allows users to register and access a series of multimedia content, which allow them to carry out gaming and educational activities; a newsletter service that allows updating the contents of the App may be activated. 

3. Compatibility of the App with the user's devices:

The user can download the App on his/her mobile device (smartphone and tablet) from the reference IOS-Apple Store and ANDROID-Google Play Store. For other devices, please check that they are supported. 

4. Conditions for accessing the service

Use of the App is restricted to users aged 18 years or over. Use by minors must take place together with and under the supervision of a parent or guardian or whoever is legally responsible under the laws of the country of use. 

5. App registration: 

To use the mobile application, registration in the User area is required, indicating the required data and password. Users are advised to use secure passwords; users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords. 

6. App updates 

Whenever an updated version of the APP is made available, it is the User's responsibility to install it. Updates may also be notified by sending an informative email.

Headu srl shall not be liable for any loss of data or breach of security if the User, although in possession of the updated version, has failed to install it. 

7. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Use 

Headu srl may, at its sole discretion, from time to time and without notice: 

- modify these General Terms and Conditions of Use; 

- modify the APP or the methods of use;  

- discontinue the functionality of the APP or the provision of the service at any time. 

Amendments or revisions to these General Terms and Conditions of Use will be available on the homepage of https://www.Headu.com, and will be binding on the User who accepts them by using the App. 

8. Content and ownership

The User agrees to respect and keep unaltered the content of the App (consisting of videos, audio clips, comments, information, data, texts, photographs, software, etc.). 

Headu is the owner of the App, therefore any reproduction, adaptation or reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembly is prohibited.

Headu srl may suspend the App and its use at any time and without notice if such use causes damage or disturbance to third parties or violates these General Terms and Conditions of Use, laws or regulations. 

9. Obligations of Users

The User is solely responsible for the use of the App and the activities that occur on his/her account and all the material that is uploaded and shared and will hold Headu srl harmless even against third parties if they bring actions or file claims.

You may use the Service only and exclusively for purposes that are not against the law.

The User acknowledges that the use of the Service is at his/her own risk and that he/she will be solely responsible for any damage or loss of data resulting from the use of the App. 

10. No Warranty, Limitation of Liability 

No representations or warranties, expressed or implied, are made as to the completeness, correctness or functional capacity of the APP. Headu srl accepts no liability for consequences or undesirable effects resulting from the use of the APP. Furthermore, Headu srl accepts no liability for any damage or injury resulting from the use or inability to use the APP, in particular - but not limited to - in case of external shocks, e.g. damaged hardware, poor Internet connection or no signal, and disclaims any liability for any errors, omissions or outdated material in the APP. 

Headu srl also reserves the right to cease marketing the APP without the user being able to object or make any claims. 

11. Acceptance of the Service 

By subscribing to or using the App you accept all the terms and conditions contained herein and all the operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on the website www.headu.com and that may be updated by Headu srl (see "Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Use").  

12. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction 

The interpretation, execution and termination of this contract are governed by Italian law. In case of disputes, the competent court is the Court of Teramo.